huc was born in a Mexican tapas restaurant during brunch on another beautiful Florida Sunday in August. Fresh off of a break up, my friend decided I needed one of their cravable frozen strawberry margaritas that I had introduced him to a few weeks earlier.

As we sipped the amazingness in a glass, he could see I was still a little overwhelmed. “Let’s get massages!”, he suggested (probably more for him than me – I mean, who doesn’t love a massage…). I asked if he thought there were any places open on a Sunday, and if any of them would have openings for us right now. Naturally, we pulled out our phones and began the search…

Being a generation of low attention spans, we almost immediately hit the wall. Alternatively, I didn’t want to spend my morning calling around to various places, a) I’m not big on the phone, and b) the margaritas were just too good of a distraction.

I started talking ad nauseam (those who know me know that I talk a lot, so this is no surprise) about how there needs to be a better way to find people who are readily available to take on a new appointment.

When I first graduated college, I spent a few years as a Personal Trainer. In any given week, a handful of clients would cancel, and that hour would go wasted. It would’ve been great to have a way to build my business while I had these free moments.

The more I talked about it, I couldn’t help but think “Why has no one done this yet?? Why isn’t there an app where you can search for a service and find someone who has an opening at this moment? Why isn’t there a more efficient way?”

Sure, there are apps out there that cover on-demand services, but there isn’t one that covers all services across the board. You have to download an app for this, and one for that, and next thing you know, you are sifting through 50 apps (not including your Pokemon Go and other guilty pleasures 😉 ) just to find someone who can come clean your house before your parents get in, or cut your hair because your guy had to cancel last minute.

So after the mouth stopped moving and the idea had really just simply formed itself, the wheels were set in motion to start a new tech adventure and see how one app could help people to simplify their life, while simplifying the lives of others.

The huc’ing chapter had begun…now the hard part…




  1. Joyce says:

    Very well done. The app sounds awesome. Who couldn’t use it. I can’t wait til it’s ready to use.

  2. Richard Thomas sr. says:

    Great idea ! Why didn’t I think of this. Good luck to you

  3. Alex Chapman says:

    “Why isn’t there an app where you can search for a service and find someone who has an opening at this moment? Why isn’t there a more efficient way?”

    You are on to something big here. Me and some friends are terrible at planning. We find ourselves on Sundays making last minute plans only to find out we needed to make the plans a week in advance. I am sure all business have down time that is just wasting away while someone within a few miles is looking for that same service. This idea to bridge the gap in real time is awesome!

  4. Jeff Silver says:

    Fantastic idea, take the app world by storm.