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huc is simple: true, on-demand services.

Get done with work and crave a massage, but don't want to call around to find out who's available? huc it!

Traveling and want to find a trainer that has an open appointment by your hotel? Totally huc that!

We take the guess work out of current availability and help you get it all done in your free time, without having to google businesses and call a bunch of places, or dropping by in the hopes that they can fit you in. Real time, real professionals, real easy. Efficiency for your modern, hectic life!

why "huc"?

huc stands for "hands up city", and the premise behind the name is simple: you raise your hand, we raise ours back.

Raising your hand started in grade school as a form of asserting a question, or as a gesture stating "oooh, oooh! pick me! pick me!" On the other hand (see what we did there?), you can raise your hand to volunteer for something - "I will help! Count me in!"

Take those two concepts and you get a city of people raising their hands to get help and a wave of hands respond to take on the challenge!

So let's all get huc'ing!

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huc's primary service categories include:

home repair and maintenance / lawns, pools and patios / automobile and boats / hair, skin and nails / health and wellness / food and drink / technology / shoes and clothing / pet care

some huc'able professionals include:

personal trainers / hair stylists / make up artists / physical therapists / AC repairman / landscapers / pool cleaners / fishing charters / pet sitters / photographer / packers and movers / auto mechanics / plumbers / pest control / home chefs / massage therapists / laundry services / car detailing / nail salons / spa services / handymen / pet groomers / tree service / house cleaning / house painters / pressure washing services / barbers / eyelash extensions / waxing / tanning salons / yoga instructors / dance teachers / chiropractors / food prep / phone repairman / tailors / shoe repair

(if we forgot any, let us know! we are eager to add huc'ing options!!)