Who accepts an invitation from an ex  to go hang out and bar hop? (…different ex…#foreveralone …I promise the next post will not involve me and a break up)

*2 thumbs pointing at myself* This girl! Well, in this case, the end result was actually pretty darn great…

It was a Friday night and the drinks were flowing. We found ourselves strolling into a local bar where nothing but bad decisions are made on a minute by minute basis.

The ex sees his buddy and proceeds to engage in the typical “bro” rituals, leaving me to fend for myself…introduce Sarah…

Sarah Harrison (@sarah.l.harrison): a tiny, blonde stunner who surprised me with her intelligence and wit. A mini me of sorts, yet much more in shape, and, even though only 23, much more in tune with her life goals.

Being merely days after my big huc’ing idea came into play, I was eager to share what I KNEW was primed to be the next Uber. As I began to hash out the details of this proposed game changer, her face began to light up. This was EXACTLY what she wanted to get involved with, and I was convinced that she was not only the perfect partner, but that she was going to be a big part of how this whole thing would become successful.

We started throwing around thoughts and things to consider, and finally the boys noticed that we weren’t hovering around their male-on-male mating ritual. They came over and asked us if we wanted shots. “Shhhhh. Go away, the women are talking business.”

We were in our own bubble, and seemingly the rest of the bar did not exist. The wheels were turning and the app began to take shape. This was going to really be something.

We exchanged numbers as the boys exchanged more shots, and thus, a beautiful partnership was formed…




  1. Joyce says:

    Well done.

  2. Michelle says:

    Who knew that something so good could come from a place where bad decisions are supposed to happen! Way to defeat the odds, ladies!

  3. Jeff says:

    Fantastic story and evolution of where this company came from